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Individual Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is tailored to the individual and their individual needs. People that seek this treatment in the face of their difficulties show extreme courage and it is through their individual ability to recognise and acknowledge their challenges that will position them on their way to living a more gratifying and rewarding life.

Psychotherapy is a relationship which enhances our interactional and relationship patterns and assists us to recognise interactional styles that could be adding to our distress or difficulties in our life and through the therapeutic relationship these patterns are examined and helped to work through. What occurs in the room between the psychologist and the individual can be seen as a microcosm of what happens in the life of the individual. As the connection in the therapeutic relationship grows and deepens it reflects and effects relationships outside of therapy.

In my experience within the structured therapeutic relationship, deep-seated difficulties may be explored in a safe and non-judgement space. Individual psychotherapy can be valuable in addressing a variety of challenges such as forming or maintaining relationships, self-confidence, feeling depressed, suffering loss, intimacy difficulties as well as stress and anxiety. Psychotherapy allows the space for free talk, whereby you can say what you think, as you think it and together we can explore and see thinking patterns and make connections. This is a collaborative process whereby you feel supported and guided.

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